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Compassionate & Empowering

Therapy for Women

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“I just want to be happy.” “I just want to feel like myself again.” I hear those words all the time. I’ve even said them myself. While those are broad statements, they really articulate how so many women just want to attain the simple and much-deserved feeling of happiness. 


Depression is rude. Anxiety is harsh. They barge their way into our lives uninvited, and come in an array of shapes and sizes, presenting themselves in varying degrees—none of them good. Some people can’t get out of bed. Others can function like they always do, but things just feel cloudy for no apparent reason. Some are irritable. Others find it difficult to stop worrying. 


No matter where you feel like you might fall on this spectrum, I can tell you this—therapy can help.


Relieving Anxiety 

What would it mean to you to live your life with less worry and fear? To be able to be more present with your loved ones and enjoy your time spent together versus having these interactions clouded by anxiety. Imagine how freeing this would feel for you, as well as for those you care about most in your life. This is entirely possible.


My goal is to help you get the clarity you’re seeking and the relaxed mind you want so you can enjoy your life now. I don’t want you to spend your days anxious, as if life is happening all around you but you can’t be in the moment because you’re stuck thinking about what happened in the past or what will happen in the future. As we work together, you’ll increase your understanding of what triggers your anxiety; learn skills to manage, reduce and eliminate your symptoms; and regain control of your thoughts emotions and actions.


Rising above Depression

Imagine your life free from depression. You wake up in the morning feeling content and happy for the day to come, and hopeful and excited about your future. You’re able to live your life fully, without feeling like a dark cloud is stealing your joy as it follows you everywhere you go. You feel like yourself again. By reaching out for help, this can become your reality. I’ll stay alongside you through the pain and the struggle so you can emerge with a brighter outlook.


The good news is depression can and does get better—and I can help you get unstuck. Together, we’ll piece together the relationship between your thoughts, feelings and actions. You’ll learn new tools and skills to quiet those depressed thoughts. What’s more, you’ll discover inner strengths and develop the coping skills you need to really show up for yourself and truly create a life worth living.

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